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An eye-opening and previously untold story, Factory Girls is the first look into the everyday lives of the migrant factory population in China.China has 130 million migrant workers—the largest migration in human history. In Factory Girls, Leslie T. Chang, a former correspondent for the Wall Street Journal in Beijing, tells the story of these workers primarily through the lives of two young women, whom she follows over the course of three years as they attempt to rise from the assembly lines of Dongguan, an industrial city in China’s Pearl River Delta.As she tracks their lives, Chang paints a never-before-seen picture of migrant life—a world where nearly everyone is under thirty; where you can lose your boyfriend and your friends with the loss of a mobile phone; where a few computer or English lessons can catapult you into a completely different social class. Chang takes us inside a sneaker factory so large that it has its own hospital, movie theater, and fire department; to posh karaoke bars that are fronts for prostitution; to makeshift English classes where students shave their heads in monklike devotion and sit day after day in front of machines watching English words flash by; and back to a farming village for the Chinese New Year, revealing the poverty and idleness of rural life that drive young girls to leave home in the first place. Throughout this riveting portrait, Chang also interweaves the story of her own family’s migrations, within China and to the West, providing historical and personal frames of reference for her investigation.A book of global significance that provides new insight into China, Factory Girls demonstrates how the mass movement from rural villages to cities is remaking individual lives and transforming Chinese society, much as immigration to America’s shores remade our own country a century ago.

东莞除众所周知的产业外,也遍布着大大小小的各种工厂,许多工厂和小型社区- -样, 有自己的医院、超市、影院。每年,数以百万计来自内地贫困家庭的女孩来到这些工厂打工,其中不乏很多末成年人,借别人的身份证去工厂应聘。所有人进工厂后都要从装配流水线做起,干着辛苦枯燥的工作,- -边认识着这个城市,- -边怀惴着、实现着自己的梦想。在这里,会- -点计算机或者英语,就能让自己摆脱装配线,去做办公室的文书工作,初步实现”阶层”的跨越,计算机和英语培训产业也因此蓬勃发展同时乱象从生。在这里,有人赚了钱回老家结婚生子,也有些人留了下来,多年打拼后进入中产阶层。作者Leslie T. Chang深入接触了两名工厂女工,详细记录了两名女工在东莞三年间的工作、生活、学习和情感经历,中间穿插讲述了自己的家族在中国的历史和移民美国的经过。


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